With sparkling pop tunes that navigate between the anthemic and the intimate, Maria makes her entrance on the music scene with confidence and a bright musical vision. Comeback in a new fanciful dress might seem a more fitting description, since Maria Køhnke is an experienced vocalist, producer and songwriter, having already made her mark on the Danish music scene. Køhnke has had a long revered career on the music scene, having recorded and toured with Swan Lee, Nikolaj Nørlund, Nicole Atkins, Robyn among many others.

After a long void in her musical life, where Køhnke embarked on a highly succesful career as a digital designer, she teamed up with Anders Stig Møller (ex- Turboweekend) and Fredrik Okazaki (Robyn, Röyksopp), who respectively co-produced and mixed the new songs.

Maria Køhnke's music is a confident and genre-diverse expression with reminiscences of French music, 80's evergreen hooks, the artpop sophistication of Kate Bush and Tame Impala's alternative approach to modern music. Alluring and catchy, Maria sounds like all the things you love and at the same time like nothing else.

In 2007 she released her debut solo album 'Collector', featuring contributions by Christian Bech (Pleasure Machine) and Sune Wagner (The Raveonettes). She is also part of the choral ensemble Korage with Pernille Rosendahl, Hannah Schneider and Sharin Foo.


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