The experienced vocalist, producer, and songwriter Maria Køhnke has made a comeback with an EP whose sound brings to mind futurism, 80s evergreens, and French electro-pop.

To say that the creation of the EP has been a long journey would be an understatement. Maria started recording the tracks 7 years ago and then put them in the drawer while she had a baby and built a career in digital design. Luckily, the music kept calling her, and she pulled the plug on a job as a design manager and started working on the old material again in collaboration with former Turboweekend keyboard player Anders Stig Møller. The EP is written by Maria Køhnke, Jarno Varsted & Christian Bech and revolves primarily around themes such as introversion and counterproductive thinking.

Prior to the launch of the EP "Don't Look", Maria has released three singles, two of which have ended up on playlists such as New Music Friday (Spotify), Chill Alt. Pop - as # 1 (Spotify), The New - as # 1 (Spotify), New Music Daily (Apple Music), and "Brand New" (Deezer). The EP is produced by Køhnke and Anders Stig Møller. It is mixed by Swedish Fredrik Okazaki, who has worked with Robyn, Mapei, and Röyksopp.

As a follow-up to her EP, Maria releases five remixes by, among others, Bjørn Svin, Merlyn Silva, and New York avant-garde musician Andy Green.

Although the release indicates a new beginning, Maria is an experienced artist. She released her debut album 'Collector' in 2007 and has a wide musical experience. She has recorded and toured with Robyn, Swan Lee, Niels Skousen, Nikolaj Nørlund, Er de Sjældne, Caroline Henderson, Nicole Atkins, and many more. She is also part of the vocal ensemble Korage with, among others, Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjerg and Sharin Foo.